Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farewell Clark and Worcester!

Last week, I finished the last of my finals of the semester. I have completed my degree, my career at Clark is now over. College is is feels very strange. My last final was for my evolution class last Friday night. The final was in two parts, the first part being a cumulative exam on the semester's material and the second being a written essay on the value to society that the study of evolution has brought.

As I started on my last paragraph of that essay I began to think to myself how close I was to the very end. A few sentences in and I was excited, I couldn't wait to finish. Here I was, writing the last paragraph for my last exam after over three years of college and what, 16 years of school? I was so close to the end!!! But as I reached the last sentence, the very last one, I almost didn't want to finish it. I didn't want to hand in my exam. I didn't want to walk out of the room where I've taken so many classes and walk out the building. I didn't want to leave Clark forever. I didn't want to leave all of my friends here. I didn't believe I would feel this way, not honestly being the biggest fan of school since perhaps 1995 (yes, I was that kid that pretended to be sick to even miss kindergarten), but I did feel that way. I will miss the learning environment, the familiar setting, and those nights they serve heavenly dirt (an amazing dessert) in the caf for sure, but I felt the way I did because I will miss the people here at Clark who have influenced who I am. I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to go to school here and have the experience that I did. I look forward to what comes next for me. Now if only I had a better idea of that!

So how about those exams and the end of the semester? In evolution, we concluded the semester by our class debating modern evolution theory with creationism/creation science. The debate was very amusing, and this year the evolution team won (after several years of a creationism winning streak apparently). In forest ecology, our class concluded the semester with project presentations and I submitted my final draft on my paper on the effects of urban forestry on air quality. In my international security course, we ended the semester by evaluating the theories presented in the course to modern worldwide concerns and I submitted my final research paper. In my U.S.-Latin American relations course, I finally finished my 20 page research paper and we presented our papers in class...

And that's a wrap! It was fun writing this blog, and thank you for reading. If you're a prospective student and have questions about Clark, or the biology program, or even just how good that heavenly dirt really is...please feel free to email me at See you at graduation!


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